How Your Pet Can Ruin Your Home Sale

How Your Pet Can Ruin Your Home Sale

Your pet may be a part of your family but they can unintentionally ruin your attempt at a home sale. 

Dogs are a man’s best friend. And cats . . . well, they’re fine too. You love your pets and even consider them a part of the family. As must as you love your pets, the people who look at your home may not share that exact sentiment–in fact, your pets may be the sole reason they remove your home from contention. If you want to sell your home, not just to pet-friendly people, but to everyone, here’s how your pet can ruin your home sale.

Clumps of Fur

Even after you think you’ve vacuumed every square inch of your place, you can count on fur turning up everywhere. Lint rollers and carpet cleaners should be used in order to absorb the most fur possible. You should also get in the habit of brushing your pet regularly, outside, of course.

Floor Stains

Potty trained animals are still prone to accidents which lead to floor stains, or perhaps those stains are from the pre-potty-trained years. Either way, stains are almost an automatic “no” for potential home buyers. Thoroughly shampoo your carpet and if all else fails, you should consider replacing the whole thing.

Pet Smell

Sensory adaptation, the brain’s ability to neutralize a familiar odor, touch, light, or taste and render it null to our experience, is the reason you can’t smell your own pet’s smell when you walk through the door. Ask a guest, though, and the smell almost hits them like a brick wall. Make sure that you use the proper deodorizers to make your home smells fresh and is ready to sell.

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