Holiday Decorating Safety Tips

By December 12, 2016Archive, General Articles

Holiday Decorating Safety Tips

If you will be decorating your home for the holidays, make sure that you do so safely with these decorating safety tips.

The holidays are a joyous and festive time throughout the world. Many people turn to their houses and decorate in various manners to express themselves throughout the holidays. During this holiday season, it’s important that you decorate your home safely to keep you and your family safe from any of the dangers that ornaments, lights, and candles can bring. Here are a few holiday decorating safety tips you should follow before it’s too late.

Holiday Decorating Safety Tips

Holiday Tree
Your holiday tree should be made of plastic to substantially reduce your chances of a tree and house fire. If you absolutely must purchase a live tree, it is important that you keep it well-watered. Any short could cause your tree to be engulfed in flames within seconds and spread to other sectors in your home.

Candles emit a sense of nostalgia and also look very pretty, especially with the house decorated in a holiday spirit. Make sure to place your candles away from anything flammable. If you forget to blow the candles out, you want your chances of a house fire to be as low as possible.

Glass ornaments look beautiful, but they can be dangerous if you have small children or animals in the house. They could easily fall and shatter, which could lead to severe wounds. Plastic ornaments, while not as aesthetically pleasing, look very nice and provide a safe environment for everyone in the house.

This holiday season, make sure that your home is protected from the holidays and everything else. To purchase the right home for you to decorate, give us a call! Contact Scott Ange at RE/MAX Infinity Westlake Village, California, specializing in the Conejo Valley. My team will fulfill all your real estate needs!